Just ordered the Hot and Savory

I haven’t been on here in a bit but I am still drinking the Huel Black every day. Finally re-upped and am also getting one each of the hot and savory. I find that the colder it gets, the more I want a warm meal at night…my problem is once I start eating other things that aren’t Huel— I have a hard time stopping. So here goes to my one other meal a day still being Huel…just hot and savory - If this goes well, you guys have a life long customer. I can’t imagine how I’d meet my fitness goals without you. Thanks for all you do and I can’t wait for some SPICE. :smiley:

Love to hear this Debbie! We like to think that Hot & Savory is probably a great choice for those hot meal cravings & that once you start, you won’t stop! Let us know what flavor you tried! :raised_hands:t3:

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That is awesome Debbie. I am thinking the same way. After I move addresses, I will be ordering a bag of each kind of the Hot and Savory Huel. I already get 3 bags of the regular Huel 3.0 and that keeps me going pretty well. But I also supplement with normal food. I probably spend $100 a week on normal food besides the $93 a month on Huel. But if I can get the three bags of Hot & Savory and cut out most of my normal groceries, that will save me a lot of money. I plan to supplement the Hot with fresh spinach, or canned chicken breast pieces. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Keep us informed on how you like it.


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I agree with you Dave, the combinations you can try are endless! Keep us updated on any combinations you try with Hot and Savory! :grin:

So I have tried the Thai Green curry and ya know what - It hit the spot. Definitely keeping it in the rotation. Some days I just want a hot meal and this covers the bases. You guys have done something great here. It still doesn’t beat Huel Black in my opinion as Black is the only one that doesn’t make my stomach do weird things but hot and savory keeps me from ordering delivery so it’s a win. Im excited to see what the other two taste like.

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Does the Hot and Savory subscription come with the hot pot, or is that optional for a price? I am about to order and I want to make sure I have everything I need to enjoy Huel.

It Comes with it.


Yes, as @enduro0125 mentioned, the Huel Pot is automatically added to your first order of 3 bags (or more) of Huel Hot and Savory! :slight_smile: