It is here - Mexican Chili Huel Hot and Savory! 🌶

Today is the day. We are so excited to introduce the third member of the Hot & Savory family and yes, many of you guessed it (drumroll please) - Mexican Chili!! :hot_pepper:

It has a warm, smoky taste and just the right level of kick. :fire: And okay we must admit, some even say they “f***ing love it.”

Official Huel Chili Scale

  • Tomato & Herb - 0
  • Thai Green Curry - :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:
  • Mexican Chili - :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

Mexican Chili is packed with brown rice, quinoa, tomato, peppers, onion, black eyed beans, cilantro, chipotle chili flakes and of course all the complete nutrition you expect from us including the 27 essential vitamins & minerals, 24 grams of plant-based protein and high in fiber. It might be our favorite flavor so far! :eyes:

You can pick up all three flavors to give each one a try, or you can add a single pouch to an existing order or subscription!


It sounds delicious.

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Let us know if you give it a try and what you think! :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking about it.

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Just bought a bag. I love chili, so I’m hoping this works out.


Gonna give it a try with this order. Is the portion size the same size as measured with the scoops that come with Huel Black?


So happy to hear this! Let us know how it goes. :grin:

Yes, it is the same scoop and the serving size for Mexican Chili Huel Hot and Savory is approximately 2 scoops or 97 grams!

I added a bag to my next shipment. Can’t wait to try it. I have been very happy with the other two flavors so far.

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Just ordered one of each. Will post my experience!

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Speak of the devil and it shall appear! I was just suggesting a fiesta style meal a couple of weeks ago and it’s here!


Just had it yesterday. I loved it!


All smiles about that over here! :grin:

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Tried all three flavors and this hands down knocked it out of the park! Very excited to mix up my Huel RTD and Hot and Savory meals!


Ooo sounds to me like you got yourself all ready for your meals! Splendid!

I’m looking forward to trying this one as well!


I ordered all three Hot and Savory flavors. I am not a fan of the Thai Green Curry, and I was starting to wonder if I had made a poor purchase… and then I tried the Mexican Chili. What a night and day difference in flavor profile! I ended up adding a small crushed clove of garlic, some chili pepper flakes, and I was good to go. I could easily see adding some green onion, Quorn or tvp, maybe a dash of cheese for more fat/protein. A definite two thumbs up, I’ll be reordering for sure. Between the flavor, nutrition, and convenience, the Mexican Chili is a winner!

Those additions to your Huel Hot and Savory sound so good! And thank you for giving us another try, I am happy to hear you are enjoying the new flavor! Did you try Tomato and Herb yet? And with regard to Thai Green Curry was it the flavor, texture, both, or something else?

My main issue with the Thai Green Curry was the lack of seasoning. I made sure to mix up the bag thoroughly, and scooped from the bottom up. The texture itself seemed fine, it was just that the resulting meal was bland, almost flavorless. I wondered if I had gotten a bad bag, and if Huel wasn’t a portmanteau of healthy fuel but a clever play on the word gruel.

I tried the Black Edition: Peanut Butter as a follow up a few hours later, just to verify my taste buds were OK. It was a much more pleasant experience.

I have experience in the food ingredients industry and I realize mass production isn’t perfect. I checked the look of the ingredients in my bag and they seemed to be similar to what others have posted already. I also realize I’m probably an outlier in the consumer groups you’re selling to. I have a cast iron stomach. My lexicon doesn’t contain the words “too much garlic” together. I prefer flavor to heat, but I also don’t mind eating things so hot that I sweat, cry, and have hallucinations.

I’ll happily give you feedback on the Tomato and Herb once I break into the bag. I just want to reiterate that the Mexican Chilli is delicious!


Thank you for providing feedback regarding your experience with Huel Hot and Savory, I will be sure to pass it along to our team! Did you try adding anything into Thai Green Curry like you did for the Mexican Chili - and if so, did this help with flavor?

Lastly, I am so happy that you are enjoying Mexican Chili :grin: I will be sure to look out for your feedback on Tomato and Herb!!

I like the Tomato and Herb as is. I tend to like spicy food so I add some chopped hot peppers to the Thai Green Chili for flavor and spice. I like a little hot sauce with the Mexican Chili. But my need for heat aside, the taste of each is very good.

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