That 2am brick wall

Have you ever heard about that 2am brick wall? If you haven’t you have never done a night shift. Let me say how lucky you are indeed. The brick wall starts around 2am and lasts until 4. You can be fine up until this point and then at 2am SLAM. You’re exhausted. Hardly functioning and just want to go into a deep sleep and switch off from the world.

In my job this is not possible and we have to remain awake and alert at all times in order to be safe for patients requiring our care.

I have a cure to the wall which provides the energy to easily jump over this barrier. At about 1:30am I drink my HUEL. HUEL has this amazing power to give you all the energy you need to jump directly over this wall so you can continue working all night long with ease.

It’s just amazing stuff and I recommend it to anyone who struggles with night shifts. Instead of reaching for that sugary energy drink that will make you crash in a hours time why don’t you reach for that HUEL which really does what it says on the tin. Maybe a rebrand is in order “HUMAN FUEL. Perfect for jumping over the wall”. Lol!


Huel is actually a combination of Human Fuel. They took the first two letters of Human and the last two of Fuel to come up with the name.

Thanks for sharing, great story!

I know that brick wall, I used to work nights also, ironically in the same field (looking at your username), as an EMT. I had the most trouble at 3am, usually once dawn started, I was set.

I wish Huel had been a thing back then, the amount of 3am mcdonald’s runs that were made…ugh. I don’t think I could tolerate that anymore!

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