It is the Huel!

So I am back from flying a 2 week trip where I “almost” only ate Huel. My schedule was up at 4am, 1st Huel of the day head to airport around 5:30 am. Fly till 10 or 11 am. Hotel till 3pm, Huel lunch at 1pm. Back at airport at 4pm. Fly til 7pm. Last Huel of the day at 7:30pm. In bed by 9:30pm.


2 weeks straight except when I was at one hotel who has the best grass fed burgers and fries (fried in Olive Oil) this side of the Rocky Mountains.

ZERO GI issues. TONS of Energy every day.

So I got home yesterday, stopped by the market for corned beef and coconut milk ice cream (damn my sweet tooth).

Woke up sick to my stomach this morning, very little energy (was going to do a motorcycle ride today). Instead I’ll be sitting on the couch watching netflix till my GI issues pass.

In the scientific community they call that a result (I studied to be an engineer not a scientist but the analogy works).

It really is the Huel. I am a completely different person on Huel. Able to function normally in society. Off it I am completely at the mercy of my GI health related issues.

Thank you Julian!!! Now if you can just find a way to make a corn beef flavor…



@Av8tr what a post!! Awesome stuff, thank you. It’s heartwarming to hear how Huel helps peoples lives.

Savoury flavours have been super hard to get right, but we will give corned beef flavour a go. The closest to a savoury recipe that works is

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Love this! (Way to raise the bar for Huel photos!)

Another good savory recipe with inflammation-fighting superstar turmeric. Not sure how I feel about a corn beef flavor though, Jack…

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I’m still holding out for anchovy curry flavor. :wink: