3pm blood sugar drop


i eat 400 calories of huel about 9am, another 400 around noon and i like to wait until 5pm to have my dinner. are there any suggestions on how to fortify my huel to make the feeling of fullness/ satiation last longer then three hours?
ex of plant milks to mix with etc… currently around three pm i get a hypoglycemic sensation (not hunger specifically) without actually being hypoglycemic.

thank you!

PB2 powder. Low glycemic index and will fortify your overall blend. You can add a little or a lot, depending on what works best for you. Tastes good with vanilla and chocolate Huel. Not so much with the berry Huel.

I remember those pseudo hypoglycemia feelings. That’s used to trigger my “panic eating”. Using a glucometer to actually show myself I wasn’t really hypoglycemic was helpful. Also, adjusting to a 16 to 17 hour daily intermittent fasting pretty much fixed my panic eating. It’s been a major improvement in my quality of life.

thanks so much i’ve actually seen this powder and thought about trying it before. will do! and i’ve also considered the intermittent fasting. i’ll definitely give both a try.

I remember the day I started my bicycle ride at the 15 hour fasting time (it had been 15 hours since my last food). I took snacks with me just in case. I said to myself, “I’ll go as far as I can and if I feel like I need to stop or eat, I will”. I ended up bicycling for 20 miles with only drinking water (lots of water, actually). And my time was only 3 minutes slower than the previous ride, while fed. After I got back I rested and showered and still didn’t eat for another 90 minutes. I just biked for 20 miles completely fasted , went for almost 18 hours without food, and I didn’t die. In fact, other than being tired, I was okay. Not hypoglycemic. No shaking. Not panicked. Not half dead. This was a major turning point in my life. It illustrated that I was far too worried about hypoglycemia or " starving". And what I used to think of as panic eating was merely a psychological drive. I can now better differentiate between psychological hunger and true physiological hunger. Now when I go too long without food I just get tired and slow down. I don’t panic nearly as easily. Back when I was losing the weight I could fast for 20 hours before needing to eat, all while doing my normal activities. Now a days, I’m too slim so I don’t go as far. I guess I can, but if I fast for too long then I slow down and become non productive and it’s not necessary for me to fast that long anymore. 16 hours is all I need these days.