Low energy lately

Been on mostly Huel for a few months now. In the beginning my energy levels were pretty great, but for the last few weeks, I’ve had very low energy. Anyone else experience this? Of course I’m aware this could be for a number of reasons, not just diet, just wondering if anyone else here experienced this any had any tips.

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Hey @Forgotmymeds! How many times a day are you consuming Huel?

It sounds silly, but it could even be the seasonal shift causing you to be more tired than usual. Something about the sun setting earlier and a chill in the air that makes me so tired!

You can try adding our cappuccino flavor boost, some instant coffee, or mixing with cold brew to make a caffeinated Huel and hopefully improve your energy levels.

I don’t know of any reason why consuming the same homogenous mix of nutrients should suddenly cause a change in energy level, unless you’ve changed the amount or timing of what you eat. I’d look elsewhere for the source.

Changes in sleep. Changes in mood. Change in events of life. Change in caffeine levels.

Or… your username might suggest a possible reason. As a pharmacist when I see that username, it’s like nails on the chalkboard to me. :slight_smile:

Ha! No worries. The name is just a joke. I never forget to take my meds.

I have a shake for breakfast and for lunch, and depending on the size of my dinner I’ll have another one or two scoop shake after dinner. Or if I don’t have food for dinner I’ll have a shake for dinner and a smaller shake for snack.

I have been on Huel alone since 8/17/18 and my initial reaction was extreme energy, but it could have been bounce back from malnutrition. The energy “high” faded about a month later, and settled into more constant energy, but not really excess amounts any longer. The Huel helped me recover a lot, but I still have pain, so my GI doctor put me on some medications to try to get my digestive system working better. Those sapped my energy for a couple of weeks, while I adjusted, but otherwise I had no issues.

I have had random occurrences of extreme fatigue for no apparent reason over the years, but one thing that has always helped me gauge it better is knowing my normal blood pressure and taking it when I am low energy. It doesn’t tell me the cause, but helps define it as more likely to be physical, depending on other factors, of course. My normal blood pressure is pretty stable at around 110-115/60-65. When I took the meds, it went down to 92-95/53-56. When I felt I had more energy, sure enough, my blood pressure was normal too. In my case, I did find the Iron/B12/Folate supplement I took for anemia earlier this year also tends to help some with fatigue. At the worst of the fatigue recently, I had to pull myself up the stairs, as my energy in my legs was not there. After taking that, I had less problem, but it did not fix it entirely.

From my experience, I cannot say I have experienced anything to believe Huel is deficient in providing sustained energy and good nutrition. My wife and I went on a trip for our anniversary this past weekend and we powered through about 12 miles of hikes in two days, and all I had powering me was Huel. So long as nothing else is wrong in the body, Huel seems to be near ideal nutrition to me. One thing I have noticed in my case is that adding some heavy duty probiotics to my regimen seems to help my body break the Huel down better and has eliminated most of the issues I had specific to Huel, and I think they are helping my GI issues overall, but time will tell. I tried many before, but this one seems to have something in it that actually works for me.

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