Physical labor. Will this be enough to use energy to make it through my ten hour shift

I’m looking to buy the subscription of his girl because it will save me so much money it’s not even funny…
My only worry is that I do work very labor intensive job… Will two bottles of the ready to drink a day give me enough nutrition to have enough energy to go through work… I’m just worried I won’t have enough in my system to make it through my ten hour day.
Any advice would be great!

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We’ll need more info. Do you have an estimate for an average 24-hr calorie need? Or you can provide height and weight and we can get an estimate from that. Also, not everybody eats all their calories at even intervals. So this also has to be looked at in conjunction with your total food intake. For me, I eat far more calories at my meal before I arrive to work, so a lot of my energy at work is sustained from that.

Each RTD bottle is 400 calories of energy, for your reference.

I don’t know the a calorie In take but im 5’5 at185-190.

I eat breakfast right when I wake up at 8-830 and eat lunch before I go to work at eleven and I have my breaks at 445 lunch at 715 and my last break at 915

We have almost the same dimensions, except I’m 5’7”. I eat a 700 calorie meal before work at 1PM, 1 (2 scoop/400 calorie) Huel with a 280 calorie Clif bar for lunch at 7:30, and a 500 calorie dinner at 12/1 AM. I work a labor intensive job, but I’m also on a calorie deficit. I do get enough energy from the Huel shake and the clif bar to work throughout the day though. If you eat too much during your break and go back to working a physical job your stomach won’t settle, so I have my biggest meal a few hours before my shift (2nd) starts.

I didn’t catch the 2 drinks. No, 2 RTD’s is 800 calories and not enough to get someone your size through a labor intensive job - I wouldn’t risk it if i were you.

I’m not sure how to do this if the suggested to rtds a day wont work for me…

Could two for breakfast a regular lunch and try two for when I get home at 1230 work??

Hey Aziz, you’re best to estimate your calorie intake using the myfitness pal app or this website here:

As long as you’re matching the calories you need you should be okay. However, you need to take into account the other meals you are eating throughout the day. What you class as a “regular lunch” maybe 400kcal whereas for me it might be 600kcal.

I’m going to admit I may have misread a lot. In my defense, I was in break for my physical job and not quite thinking clearly, LOL! If you’re drinking 2 RTD’s [per day] then no, it wouldn’t be enough calories for you - even in a deficit. If you’re drinking 2 RTD’s for lunch, then it could be a suitable lunch. I’m roughly your same dimensions and I’ll admit 1 Huel isn’t enough to fill me during lunch, but 2 might be.
Again, as Dan said, your best bet is to calculate your calorie needs using the link he provided. I can make assumptions based off of the information you provided, but we would also need to know your age as calories burn more rapidly in those under 30 compared to those over - which would impact just how many calories you should consume. This is in addition to your dieting habits, and whether you want to maintain, add, or decrease weight - which only you would know.

Ok, this is just a rough estimate. But it looks like a 2000 - 2200 calorie range might be good starting point. Each RTD bottle is 400 calories.

RTD are good options while at work. If you wanted to do Huel at home as well, the powder and using blender is the better method since powder Huel is roughly half the price as RTD when comparing 400 calorie servings.

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I have been drinking a bottle of chocolate ready to drink Huel before work five days a week and it has lasted me through an eight hour shift, then I eat an hour or two after I get home (about ten hours). I do drink a lot of black coffee and water at work, too.

Before that, I would mix two scoops of powdered Huel vanilla with a spoonful of instant coffee and drink it a couple of hours into my shift.

I don’t feel as hungry with the RTD chocolate, though.

I’d recommend picking up some 45oz Blender Bottles and make your shakes at home using the powder. You can make as much as you need, and it’ll be even cheaper than buying the RTD. A couple of RTDs isn’t going to cut it if you’re working an active job (they’d barely tide me over, and I write software for a living).

Hours many scoops would I need to use to reach the 2,258 calorie intake amount I need to reach

Is this using Huel for all 2258kcal? There’s 200kcal per 50g scoop. So you would need just over 11 scoops.

I looked online and theres 400 calories per scoop… I just need 2 scoops for breakfast and lunch and just have small snacks on my breaks at work and something small when I get home from work and I’ll be perfect.

Where did you see that?

A recommended serving of Huel is 100g, which is 400kcal so 2 scoops:

What’s the best way to do it if I need 2000 calories a day?? Take 1 scoop 4 times a day and substitute the rest with a meal??

There’s no best way, it’s whatever works for you! You can have Huel has a meal, so depending on your size and needs 2 or 3 scoops or as a snack which would be 1 scoop.

I suggest mixing it with milk if you’re not vegan.