Thanks for inventing HUEL -- I LOVE IT!

First Off – I think HUEL is a really big deal.
I mean - how else, can you get a nutritionally balanced meal – in seconds? Fast food can’t do that. Even microwaved frozen dinners can’t do that – and neither of those are very good nutritionally speaking anyway.

I’m using HUEL as a meal - replacement tool. I exercise regularly - so I need to eat at least 4 or 5 times a day. Who has the time or creativity-- to prepare 4 or 5 meals a day – everyday?? I found myself resorting to fast-food, to supplement an other-wise healthy (low-meat) diet. But with HUEL - I don’t have to worry about mid-morning hunger pains or mid-afternoon cravings. I can enjoy a HUEL and GET BACK TO WORK.

Often I am busy working on a project - and I just don’t have time to worry about what to eat. With HUEL - I can easily get fed, and keep working. Doing so allows me to structure my time – which then actually allows for cooking and shopping and preparing other meals - more efficiently, because I’m not running out 3 times a day to go get some kind of prepared food, just because I haven’t planned ahead well enough for that day (or that week).

I think the basic Vanilla Flavor Rocks! It’s super basic – but I like basic. Helvetica. I’m down with that.

The only thing I don’t understand - is why isn’t EVERYBODY already doing HUEL??? IT ROCKS!!


I agree 100% :slight_smile:

That Huel is a sustainably sourced vegan food is also a big deal that I wish they’d promote more. I realize we can’t alienate meat eaters ( that’d be hypocritical considering I do eat meat) but the externalized costs of raising meat for food make it harder to do every day. Huel is future food; even if they don’t market it as such.


Because some people have cannibalistic tendencies and are already into Soylent.


but that may scare ppl away (although it would be nice to show on the label one day).