Order arrived today

My first order of Huel arrived today. This follows almost 2 weeks of research on meal replacements. Huel checks all the boxes… tired of thinking about healthy meal options all day and ending up eating the unhealthiest foods because of convenience. I’m looking forward to starting my journey tomorrow and hopefully ending this cycle of eating whatever because it’s there. I used to meal prep but life just doesn’t allow the time for it anymore! Huel is mixed x2 (breakfast & lunch)… this meal prep took 8 minutes max including washing the nutribullet. I’ll have to clean up my dinners as well but at least it’s the only meal I have to think about now :smiley:


Welcome to the Huel life! It’s truly the best of both worlds! :raised_hands: Let us know if you ever need any Huel hacks or recipes. :blush:

Curious to know what you thought of the first day’s doses.

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