Is Huel right for me?

Greetings strangers!

Anyway, I’ve been on a health kick as of late (quitting cigarettes, attempting to not eat poorly, removing excess alcohol intake from my diet) and came across Huel. For starters, my nutrition isn’t in the best shape, hence the health kick. I work at a very busy restaurant during the evenings, and I’ll eat a small meal before work (usually rice, salad, chicken, or some other protein) yet by the time I’m done, I’m hungry and stuck eating salty and greasy food from the local convenience stores since I’m too exhausted to cook at home. (this is kind of the sad standard for people in the food industry) I’ve replaced this habit with eating salads which is fine but costly, and doesn’t fulfill all my nutritional needs. So, I ask for someone who often usually eats later at night, does Huel act as a decent replacement? I don’t intend to replace all my meals with Huel (not yet anyway) but from the nutritional standpoint and for people who work long and physically demanding hours in the evening and early morning hours, is it a worthwhile investment? Is it easy to sleep after consuming? This would primarily act as my main dinner meal, with my bedtime following an hour or so after. I usually don’t eat breakfast outside the occasional light bowl of organic cold cereal, so it might fit in there too but I was never a breakfast person to begin with.

Any thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome! Regards.

Yes. I think Huel could work for your situation, no pun intended. I specifically use Huel at work. I work 1230 to 2100 and don’t have the luxury of being able to go to the cafeteria and heat up food or get heated food, since it takes too long. I need something that is readily available but not just carbs.

Huel digests slowly so it lasts a long time for me. Also, I eat my last Huel dose around 1930 or 2000, so fairly late at night.

I have acid reflux, as diagnosed with a BRAVO study done by my gastroenterologist. Huel is very easy to digest in that regard. No reflux at all from it.

You will notice the increased fiber content, though.

I work in the tourism/hospitality industry, and I had the same problem - work long shifts, get off late, don’t feel like cooking, eat terribly. Here’s been my experience: I can’t have too big of a Huel meal right before bed or I get reflux, but I also can’t eat a regular-sized regular meal right before bed without the same issue. So, I just lower the amount of Huel for a late dinner from my usual 100g to about 85g. It’s still filling, it’s just thinner (I make it with the same quantity of liquid, usually almond milk).

I’m also not much of a breakfast person, and a 100g Huel meal has been a much more nutritious breakfast than most of the crap I used to eat. I do still eat a regular lunch meal each day though.

Huel is great to sip on at work too. If your not a fast Hule drinker that is.