Thank you Huel - avoiding the grocery store is great

I just want to throw a shout out and say thank you. My next order is on the way and I still have some to get me through in the meantime. My work issued a work from home schedule for a month and my gym closed for the next foreseeable future. The stores are being depleted every morning. It seems so surreal right now and I am doing my part by staying home unless it’s absolutely necessary for me to leave. So THANK YOU guys for making my life so much easier - I don’t have to worry about food and hitting the grocery store. I am safely tucked away at home without a worry.


No problem Debbie! During a time like this be nice, think of others and don’t be scared to ask for help.


Maryland closed all restaurants and gyms. Governor thinks the gyms are non-essential. Noooooo!

I still go to grocery stores. Since Friday, they are out of:

  • chicken, except chicken feet.
  • beef, but some ground beef appeared yesterday.
  • bread, but one brand has been restocked.
  • pasta.
  • bananas.
  • paper towels and toilet paper, still empty.

I ordered three bags of Huel (one in each flavor) last week. In case I can’t get anything from grocery stores, these are my backups enough for two weeks as long as water is flowing.
My family (not living with me) is doubting my choices of stocking Huel instead of rice and beans, but I hope my body won’t react violently if I have to switch to all-Huel diet.

Go vegan… It’ll solve most of your food shortage problems…

In the stores, there was shortage of green cabbage and carrots, but cabbage appears two days later. My “ugly produce” delivery says they might delay by one day due to high demands. Vegan isn’t better as far as supply goes.

If you have to stay inside and cannot go out that all (e.g. you are suspected to be carrying the virus), you’ll quickly run out of fresh vegetables. Frozen vegetables lose most of its flavor and nutrition, while frozen meat and fish can last a while and still taste great.
For me, I have a mini fridge so I can have normal foods for 2~4 days, then it’s 100% Huel. Assuming trucks are still running, a Huel order can arrive in two days.

It’s actually the opposite. Most frozen vegetables retain their nutrition better than their fresh counterparts.

This is because they’re frozen soon after harvesting whereas fresh veg are harvested and it takes time to process, reach the store, then you buy it and eat. During this time the nutritional content is slowly beinhg reduced.

If you have the freezer space, frozen veg is really great once you workout the best way to cook with with it.


Based on the shopping list you mentioned above with chicken and ground beef, those are items that have now become a rarity in the supermarkets where I live. The veggies, both frozen and non-frozen are still available in abundance.

Speaks volumes about the dietary habits of the residents in my community lol.


Publix locally in Jacksonville/St Augustine, FL has been out of pretty much all meats recently. The closest Winn Dixie though was still pretty much fully stocked today.

Funny you mention reaction to all Huel diet. My diet is maybe 85% Huel and I have some problems now going off. I don’t even recall if I had a hard time going to majority Huel (personally at least). And I try to make my non-Huel very fresh, healthy, home made foods, but it’s still 50/50 if my gut voices disapproval.

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