First Week With Daily Huel! πŸ’–

So I buy Huel for my emergency kit as my two weeks supply of food. Right before the bags expire, I am using it in my β€œreal life.” Wow, I should have done this sooner! Not only do I have 2 weeks worth of new Huel in my emergency kit, but I ordered 6 more additional bags that I am now using 2-3 times daily. It pairs well with intermittent fasting!

I will add that I have been vegan for over 16 years and did not receive the first amount of bloat, gas, etc. Vegans are used to extra fiber intake, already have well-established healthy bowel movements, etc.

I have some of every flavor 3.0 and the chocolate (the only one I’ve tried is great!) The shaker bottle is really easy. I am not sure why others report it being clumpy. Just add the water first and it’s easy!

Also, I can’t stand kitchens/cooking, so this is great.

I am now a Hueligan :v:t2:


Welcome to the cult (as someone else called it a few days ago :slight_smile:) !