Thai Curry Flavor - My Review

I see people have been commenting on the flavor the Thai Curry Huel. A few folks have complained about what they perceive as blandness or lack of flavor. I have not had that problem. I find it to have enough spice and flavor, and it tastes very similar to a real Thai green curry. Kudos to Huel for that. It is not easy to mimic that taste, since it is usually made with fresh spices and cilantro, and this is a dried, packaged product. My main gripe is with the texture. Not all of the ingredients absorb enough water quickly enough to soften up in 5-10 minutes, and that leaves some gritty, tough little chunks. But this is not enough to ruin it imo. Oh, and I think it could use a little more salt, so I add a sprinkle or two.

Overall, I like it and consider it to be the best instant, nutritionally complete food I have had yet. It is interesting to note that being able to chew it adds to the feeling of being satiated, so that I can get the same satisfaction from lower calorie servings of this. Normally I have at least 500 calories for lunch, and with this, 400 is good. So hats off to Huel!


Agreed! I think the Thai Green Curry might be my favorite. I also add a little salt since I’m currently on a calorie deficit and with 3 servings, I was coming in a little under on sodium at the end of the day, so I don’t feel weird about that at all. Side note: I let my Hot and Savory flavors “soak” for 15-20 minutes and really like the results!

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I agree with with less water or more soak time for this flavor

I was very curious about Huel. USPS just delivered my order and I just had my first serving…Thai Green Curry. Yummy and simple! Perfect for easy lunches while working from home. I hope the other two flavors I ordered are as good. I think the soak time needs to definitely be more than 5 minutes (around 10 seemed good).