First week of Huel

I’m mainly replacing lunch with Huel, and sometimes having it with dinner. I’m trying to lose weight, so it’s a portion of my 1600 calories per day.

5/13 Chocolate 3.0
5/14 Chocolate 3.0
5/15 Chocolate 3.0 + H&S Thai Green Curry
5/16 Chocolate 3.0 + H&S Thai Green Curry
5/17 Chocolate 3.0 + H&S Thai Green Curry
5/18 Vanilla 3.0
5/19 Vanilla 3.0 + H&S Mexican Chili
5/20 Choc/Vanilla 3.0 + Coffee Caramel Black

So far, Chocolate 3.0 is the best of what I’ve tried. It does have a bit of artificial sweetener aftertaste, but it’s not unbearable. The chocolate flavor is pretty mild, but I like it. It tastes like someone made unsweetened oatmeal with hot chocolate and blended it.

I want to like Vanilla 3.0, but it’s difficult. I like the flavor, but the aftertaste reminds me of getting a mouthful of saltwater at the beach and that taste seems to last the rest of the day. I tried half chocolate half vanilla to see if that would correct it, but same aftertaste (again, flavor while drinking was fine). I have to take an antacid after this one…maybe add calcium carbonate to the mix?

Coffee Caramel Black…I’ve only tried it once, so I’m not sure what to think yet. I think I prefer the oatiness of the white powders. Maybe I’ll mix it with vanilla.

Both H&S flavors are okay; so far I prefer Thai Green Curry over Mexican Chili (my wife makes good chili with lots of beans in it…maybe I’ll add some beans next time). The flaxseed tends to get stuck in my teeth, which is irritating. I will likely try a few more H&S flavors, but the powders will probably be my goto for work lunches.

I still have Strawberry Shortcake Black and H&S Sweet and Sour to try.

I think once I narrow down the flavors I like, I could stick with Huel for a while. I like the concept, it’s quick and easy to prepare, and it’s significantly healthier than what I had been having for lunch.

Check out the Recipes tab…super shake ideas consumers have created while enjoying their drinks.

To your health! :wink::+1: