Hot and Savory Experience and Question

I have opened one bag of each flavor so far. My first experience with each flavor was very different from the subsequent meals.

Tomato was first. I measured 7.5 oz of water as it says in the bag and set it to boil (first mistake). I mixed my bag and added two scoops to my pot, then added the boiled water, mixed, and closed. Unfortunately, I forgot to consider that I would lose water while boiling, so I think I didnt have enough water the first time. My soup was very thick, bland, and had crunchy pieces, and chewy pieces.

Next day I did the Thai Green curry. I boiled extra water this time. I mixed my bag…a lot. What stood out to me was that this bag looked significantly different than the tomato in consistency. It had way more powder and I couldn’t really see if I was grabbing any of the large pieces (the rice?). This time I added the water, stirred, and added more water to get to the fill line before closing. The texture was great! The flavor was powerful! Definitely had a kick. I liked this a lot better than the other.

Since then, I have continued alternating between flavors using the water boiling first method and that resolved the crunchy, chewy issue. Except I think there are still bits that are meant to crunch, maybe the flaxseed?. The Thai Green curry continues to be my favorite. I have since been more careful to try to find more rice pieces in the thai green curry, and that has toned the super strong kick down a tad. For the tomato, I do the opposite and try to find powder, which has definitely improved the flavor. I am wondering if I’ll soon run out of the powder, though.

I guess what is odd to me is how different the ratio of powder to solids is. The Thai Green curry looks like mostly powder. The tomato on the other hand was mostly rice and I couldn’t really see the powder when scooping even in later meals.

Has anyone else experienced the bags being so different from each other? Is this how they are expected to be? It might explain the blandness of the tomato, though it has gotten better with my digging.

I am wondering if Huel has already considered doing a small container of powder and another of the solids.

Overall, I’m really excited about this product and it is my favorite way to eat Huel so far.

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I decided to add some pictures for reference.

Thanks for your review Carla!

Hmmm there should be an even mix. It looks to me that the tomato flavor has too many solids. Usually a good shake should solve this as the powder is denser so sinks right to the bottom. Have you reached the bottom of the bag yet?

Yes most of the flavor is in the powder!

Great suggestion :slight_smile: The only issue is the extra packaging and cost of this. See if tipping the bag 180 a few times helps.

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Thank you! Good to know! I had thought the Yhau had too much powder, so it’s good to know which one might potentially be off. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of my bag from eating through it.This picture was after tipping it over and using the scoop to grab from the bottom to mix the bottom contents up. I’ll give it another mix next time to see if I can get more powder, but this might be all I have.

I had wondered if the packaging was small intentionally to get to get the right mix with minimal settling. That explained the three packets instead of one. Since we already have three packages, we could get one large for the grain blend and two smaller for the specific flavors. I have no idea if this could work, just throwing ideas out there. :slight_smile:


I noticed the same thing. I shook both bags vigorously before opening and the tomato & herb looks just like the pic you posted, with mostly solid ingredients, and the thai green curry also looks just like your pic, with mostly powder.

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Interesting! How was the taste?

I have only tried the tomato basil so far and I LOVE it. I always add a little extra water (I use the microwave method) and then let it sit 5 minutes when it’s done. It’s so delicious and easy.

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I’m still waiting for mine to arrive but I think when it does I’m going to transfer the contents of the bags into large mason jars. I’d rather it be in glass instead of plastic anyway, for obvious reasons. If what I’m reading above is factual, that the powder is settling to he bottom, then I can store it in the pantry lid-side-down until needed and remember to always shake well before each use. Will that resolve some issues? I guess we’ll see. I’ll let y’all know when I know. Until then…

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Oh yeah, I was supposed to update y’all wasn’t I?

Well, I’ve been eating both flavors for 1 meal about 3-4 times a week or more depending on my mood. I actually steam some frozen veggies and add that to the concoction. It satisfies and fills me up just right. Oh, btw, when I say I eat both, I mean at the same time. 1 heaping scoop of each flavor added to boiling water, stir about 30 secs or until it’s all wet, cover and leave it alone for at least 10-15 mins. (Yes! Go find something to do for 15 mins.) uncover, add veggies and enjoy. Simplicity is a good thing.

Just wanted to share my H&S experience so far.
They just arrived in the mail, and just in time because i was getting hungry.

Decided to try tomato basil first, put some water to boil on the water heater. measured out 500cals of tomato basil (i split my huel meals/shakes into 4x 500-600 cal meals). did some quick maths on the required amount of water.

The bowl i used was a sealable food container like this which actually worked out perfectly

Once the water was boiling i poured the correct amount in, stirred it up, and sealed the container.
5-10 mins later i opened it up and dug in.

my first impression: delicious…
it may be because most of my daily calories were from shakes which all have a sweet flavor and the experience of having something savory was blowing my mind at the time but in a good way…

Anyways it was very filling, no crunch bits, not overwhelming flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed the bowl.

My next meal i’ll be trying the spicy curry and cannot wait.

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Nice!! Happy to see you enjoyed the tomato basil. The spicy curry is my fav actually. Seems like you figured out how to best prepare yours as well and on the first attempt even. Outstanding Zarge! Looking forward to hearing about your next H&S meal.