Texture issues anyone?

So does anyone else have trouble with the texture drinking huel? I like the taste and trying different recipes helps keep the flavor fresh, but I’m still really struggling with the texture. I enjoy oatmeal usually but I seem to have a problem drinking my oatmeal. Anyone try it super thick, is it like eating oatmeal? Anyone have advice to help with texture?

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I enjoy every bit of the texture.

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Does adding more water/liquid to make it thinner help for you? Or is it the grit/chunks that are more your issue?

If I use two scoops in 500-600 mL if water, I can drink the whole thing in one or two chugs - so I don’t really pay much attention to the texture.

If I use 3 scoops, I can’t get enough water in the shaker to drink it like that. Yeah, it’s thicker but I still finish it in about a minute. I don’t understand how people sip on a serving over two hours or whatever. Have you tried just slamming it down and going back to whatever else you have to do? :wink:

I have the vanilla flavor and prefer mine super thick and super cold. I tried the ice shield today and I almost couldn’t drink it because it took so long to get through the mesh. I also add a little cinnamon. It really is like drinking oatmeal.

Today was the first time that I didn’t use a blender. It taught me patience. If I didn’t shake it enough, there were big dry chunks.

Interesting, my body does not tolerate it as well when it is thick, I guess there really is no “right” (or “wrong”) way to mix Huel.

With so much less water I can see how mixing without a blender would be harder or more prone to such chunks.

I also drink a lot of water, so I think that it gets deluted down to normal once it gets into my system.

I’ve gone really thin with the mixture which helped some. It’s mostly that residual grit/ feeling of flakes that can be difficult for me. I think I’m going to try treating it like a food and make it thick and" eat " it with a spoon.

If you have one available, you can try mixing your Huel with a blender. There are many reports of that giving a smoother texture.

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