How do you guys deal with the texture of Huel?

Today is my first day using huel and I’m about to throw it all out. I’ve tried other meal replacement and had no issues and wanted to try something different but when I try to drink huel (no matter how much water I put in it it still has this slime/thick texture.

I have never experienced anything I could call slime; that’s very surprising to me.

If you do decide that you don’t want your Huel, please don’t throw it out. Ask if anyone you work with would like it - especially if they already eat smoothies (to add as a “boost”) or if they’re interested in trying another meal replacement (if already using another)

Or if you really don’t want to be bothered giving it away at work, please donate to a food pantry. There is too much nutrition in a bag of Huel to waste it when there are people who don’t have enough to eat.


A friend of mine would be happy to take it off your hands if you truly don’t want it.

As for the question, I’ve never encountered a slime texture. Occasionally, I make it the night before and it’s a bit thick in the morning but nothing a few oz of water and a hearty shake doesn’t fix.

I don’t know if a blender would help you or not but Walmart has a single serve blenders for $15-20. You may try the blender plus fruit and see where that gets you.

At any rate, I am sorry your first attempt wasn’t good for you. Let me know if you still want to rid yourself of your Huel.


Liz T.

I would suggest just shaking it and drinking it, don’t let it set too long otherwise it’ll thicken and get that texture you don’t like.

I have only used a blender so far and haven’t had any issues. When I make one in the morning and bring it to work, I always add some water before I drink it as it thickens up.

I “deal” with the texture of Huel by making sure I always mix it in a blender, very thoroughly. I then keep it chilled if I have it later. I also add a spoonfull of peanut butter or several raw cashews before blending. I keep a ratio of 3 heaping scoops in 500 - 550 ml of water.

I know it sounds contrary, but you might try actually making it thicker just to see if that helps. Worth a try, especially if you were considering chucking it.

Also, you may need to force yourself to drink it for several days before you can make a proper assessment. Much in the same way that we change and adapt our taste for certain foods while growing up, you may need to allow some time to adapt. This is probably a very different product than what you’re used to. Most people have knee jerk reactions the first time they eat spicy food, yet look at how many people eat spicy food. There was a hurdle to overcome at first. The very first time I drank Huel, it took me a little by surprise. It kinda “stuck” to the back of my throat. I drank some water afterwards and was fine. It is, after-all, finely grounded oats.

I find the texture about the same as those oat-banana smoothies from the local Tropical Smoothie restaurant. So maybe I was used to it.

I think the issue was putting it in my nutribullet. And also added very thin cinnamon. I guess I could do some troubleshooting.