Terribleness, Thy Name is Huel Bars!

Oh, boy! The new Huel bars arrived today and I consider then inedible. My wife screamed after she took one bite of the chocolate it was so hard and chalky. The caramel is slightly less toxic tasting. Yes, they’re bad – and I’m a big Huel RTD fan! Really disappointing, and purchased out of previous good faith experiences; that’s why I bought four boxes!

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What a shame. Can you return the unopened boxes?

And if you aren’t going to use them, donate the opened packages to a food pantry.

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With another dry brand of meal bars, people claimed to improve the texture by putting them in the microwave for a few seconds.

That’s the thing – I could offer them to the front desk, or let my wife take them to work and hand them out – but I would never do that. The taste is so bad that it would be an embarrassment to even give them away.

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Thanks for that tip. I’ve already tried drowning them in a hot cup of coffee to soften them up so they don’t crack my dental work – but that only made them slimy and only enhanced the bitter aftertaste.

These bars will never be able to compete with the candy-like Soylent Squares or any of the high protein Vegan Go Macro offerings. The Go Macro stuff has a great taste that is actually satisfying as a dessert.

Hmm. Disappointed to hear. Between the texture and taste, which is more problematic for you?

I don’t necessarily mind harder bars. And I am wondering if spreading peanut butter on one of these might be an option. I originally didn’t order any since 200 calories is insufficient. I prefer to ear bigger amounts less frequent. But if I spread a good 250 ish calories of PB (which doesn’t take much) on one of the mo- fuggers if it might be enough.

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My wife looked at me, hard eyed, and told me we’re eating them. She said these bars are now part of our food budget for the next two months, because of me, and to get rid of them will mean we won’t eat as planned.

I’ve told her she can eat my share and she told me to stop threatening her. SMILE!

Seriously, if you’re used to the old-timey protein bars that are hard and unforgiving and taste like a chunk of wood, then you’ll find these Huel bars 55% acceptable.

I like your idea of lathering peanut butter over them to disguise their intent to become a peanut buttery treat.

I guess I’ve been especially spoiled by the new Go Macro bars that just make me happy and full.

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How about “deconstructing” them with as food processor and remixing with whatever adds you might have used in the powder?

Ex: use an few obliterated bars to make a cobbler with some berries or apples… or a parfait with some chocolate pudding? I have no idea what they actually taste like but chocolate fixes almost anything, amirite?

Yes, that’s a good idea to change them into something else.

Maybe I’ll crumble them up and add them to my RTD. SMILE!

The idea of anything chocolate is pretty universally great, but with these bars, they don’t taste very chocolatey to me. The caramel version is slightly more recognizable as a flavor.

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thanks for the insight. Are these manufactured in the US?

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I’m a Huel Fanboi, so yes, this experience was unexpected and unwanted.

Here’s what the box says:

Place of Origin: Manufactured in the United Kingdom for: Huel Inc, 134 N 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11249.

Here’s the whole side panel:

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Manufactured in the UK, interesting. They are getting quite a bit of praise there, that’s why I wondered

Deron, I really like your informative posts. Thank you for that. This post made me laugh though. PB is not an answer to any and every issue…!!! There are some things that perhaps even the mighty PB may not be able to resolve!.

I am also waiting my order of 2 boxes of Huel bars and if they really are as bad as posted here…PB is not going to cut it for me…smothered all over or not. It will be a true disappointment if they really turn out to be that hard.

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That was actually the biggest surprise for me. The hardness of the bars. Taste can be arbitrated – and I’ve eaten a lot of chalky, bitter tasting protein bars over the years – but if you have to break a tooth to pull off a bite, that tends to be a dealbreaker for me. I hope your mileage varies!

I seriously hope so. Otherwise it will be a huge bummer…

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Maybe a bad initial batch? I recall some serious growing pains with the manufacturing of the early iterations of Huel powder too.

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I hope their quality control is better than that – a lot of us here are sort of big health nuts and we rely on predictability in eating.

Happy Cake Day to you!

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 5.37.27 AM



Expiration of all Huel Bar boxes is July 2020.

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Hi David, I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a bad time with your Bars. The Bars, when cold (i.e. straight off the truck) can be chewy, but when they’re back to room temperature they’re great! Maybe pop one in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to see what it’s actually like.

What sort of Bars do you eat in general? This isn’t comparable to the taste and texture of a candy bar really.

When the US customer experience team are in they’ll get back to you about your Bars, we would hate for you to be left disappointed with you Huel experience.