Terrible website

The website needs a lot of work. For one it doesn’t accept Discover as a payment method even though it says it does. There is no contact phone number. After filling out the “contact us” e-mail fields it brings up a “are you a human” screen that is cut off by the top tool bar so you might not even notice it and you definitely can’t see it. The subscription editing options are very confusing ie “variant” being how many you want to receive at a time, quantity not actually being the quantity but the amount of orders of that subscription. For example mine started out as variant 2 because I just bought two bags. Well the next time I wanted 5 bags so naturally I changed “quantity” to 5. Well when the next subscription came up they billed me $297 for 10 bags. Doesn’t make any sense. IF I wanted 10 bags I’d get 1 order of 10 for $261 not 5 orders of 2 for $297. I am very dissappointed there is no phone number to call. I’m pretty happy with the product but so far unhappy with the rest of it.


I have only one small problem with my overall Huel experience. When I tried to edit my next delivery date or how many weeks until my next order on my Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone, the website wouldn’t respond to me at all on those 2 fields. When I logged into my laptop computer and did the same thing, it worked correctly. It wasn’t a big deal to me to reorder and change these fields from my pc, but it might be for someone else.

If your computer people are looking to work out bugs in your website, please look at this issue too. Thanks! :wink:


Hi @gturmindright,

Thank you for your website feedback. I will pass it along to our developers.

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to offer phone support. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at suppor@huel.com.