Terrible Customer Service from Huel

I consume Huel in the UK. I’m currently in the US on holiday and had ordered 2 bags of Huel to go to the address I’m staying at for my first week. Huel only sent one bag.

I emailed early Tuesday morning. There has still been no response other than to send me a ticket number (214064).

So the last couple of days I tried messaging on social media. No reply on Twitter, a reply on Facebook but now still no response when I’ve replied to an irrelevant question over 12 hours ago.

I leave my current venue on Monday morning and it’s looking very likely thst Huel will not deal with this simple issue in time.

Huel UK are great at customer service, thry would have posted the second bag out the same day I advised them of the issue.

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Hi there. I do see that someone from our team has been in touch. Please let us know if you need anything else!

Thanks for posting this! I too had issues with US customer service. I received my order fine, but my issue was with subscription billing that quickly turned into a communication problem. The “get in touch” and “we got you” form-letters didn’t answer my question as to why I was billed.

I love the product, but the thought of dealing with customer service again has left a bad taste in my mouth lol.

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Hi there. Subscriptions bill based on the delivery frequency set by the customer. Has your issue been resolved? I’d be happy to help with any outstanding issues!

On March 16th I signed up for a 4-week subscription.
On March 16th I was billed for my order.
On March 18th I was billed a second time.

I asked you (request #58524) what was the charge on the 18th for? And, when could I expect to be charged again?

You replied that Sothan (request #56877) had canceled my order and refunded my money.

I didn’t ask nor want my subscription canceled. I didn’t ask nor want a refund. Why cancel my business rather than explain what I’m paying for?

So, because I set a 4-week subscription I paid 2 days later? Or maybe because I set a 4-week subscription I paid 4-weeks ahead of the next shipment?

Typically this is how most double charges on a subscription happens:

A customer places a subscription order, then views their account. Upon viewing, they don’t see the order they just placed on under their order history–they only see the next order that was set (typically 4 weeks later). This causes some customers to resubmit a subscription date, thinking that their order didn’t go through. Sothan then cancelled the extra order and refunded you as this is our typical process.

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This is informative, thank you for answering me. I’ll place a small order and see how it goes.