Account edit issues

I had recently subscribed and realize that I had a typo on my email but contacting Huel has been more of an issue, there online format is confusing and I cannot edit my information. Their online chat systems constantly is kicking me off and having to restart a whole new conversation. I am seriously thinking about canceling my subscription.

Hey there @BInh! I have just sent you an email now about those subscription changes :slight_smile: I would be more than happy to make any edits you might need!

I have the same sort of issue. I fat fingered my zip code for my mailing & billing address on this first order and I corrected it for my next order but want to make sure all is set for this initial order. No way of seeing if it has changed. Sent an email immediately yesterday when I noticed the error. No response thus far.(I know it’s only been a day)
The request # 249533

It’s just crazy that I get a faster response on a forum then I do if I was to email them directly from the website.

Hi @RageofMelkor - Thanks for touching base, it happens to the best of us😁 I’m making those changes and getting back to your email inquiry right now! Also, @BInh we truly apologize for the delay in email response time right now. We’ve just got a lot of new faces excited about Huel! No excuses, but we offer these other mediums of communication so our Hueligans have ways to get in touch whenever need be. If you ever need something immediate I highly suggest utilizing our Live Chat function on! If I can be of any more assistance feel free to give me a shout and tag me in a post :smiley: