Terrible experience with subscriptions

I added by accident a form of payment I don’t want to use anymore and cannot remove it. Each time I tried I got an error. I requested customer service to do it. Instead they canceled my subscription but still the card is listed there and can’t remove it. I asked them to reinstate my subscription since I didn’t ask them to cancel it. They did but the one they created, has a delivery date they arbitrarily chose. I cannot edit it or cancel it, probably because customer service created it. I have little recourse but to ask them to cancel my account, an option also not available to me. This was absolutely the worst customer service experience, there is no phone number one an call. If you try to chat with them they are either offline or simply they will tell you that they are too busy and to send them an email. My impression is that they have one person answering emails.

Oh man! I’m so sorry for this negative experience. I would be more than happy to dive into these past emails and your current subscription so we can clean all of this up for you. I’m on the case🙌

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Remove all forms of payment and all my addresses and close my account. I can’t do any of those. I get an error when I try to remove the forms of payment and there is no option to remove addresses or close the account. I don’t want to deal with this!

Similar problems here, it seems to me the site is not fully functional and support cannot be reached.
I wish I could self support by changing account settings, add payment cards, or manage subscriptions successfully myself but the site does not provide that level of a customer experience. Seems like the site needs to be much improved or the support staff greatly expanded to handle problems as the arise.

I have just went ahead and responded to your most recent email with next steps! I’m so sorry for this inconvenient back and forth. I’m going to have this completely sorted for you shortly. Thank you so much for hanging tight with me here!:muscle:

Hey @aim! I do see some of my peers got back to you via email and Live Chat so I’m happy to see they were able to assist in amending your subscription! I’m terribly sorry for the inconveniences adjusting your account along the way. We’ll surely look into the technical error you were experiencing and get them resolved right away.

If there’s anything else I can assist you with at all just give me a shout! I hope you have a phenomenal week and an even better New Year.

EDIT: Christian got me canceled successfully. Thank you.