Why can’t I cancel my account or remove my payment information online?

I simply want the option to cancel my service and/or remove my payment information. I don’t appreciate the fact that it is impossible to do so.

Hey there. I don’t see any subscriptions under this account so the payment information isn’t being stored. If you want me to erase your account, let me know.

Thank you for confirming. I see a page that tells me the next delivery date is August 19. So, I am right that there is no way online to manage this?

For the record, I really enjoyed Huel. I’m hopefully going to come back later in the year. I was pleased with how easy everything was and how good it actually tasted.


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There is. You are able to cancel your subscription anytime! If you are unable to find it, let me know.

Hi, if i could have the location for deleting my account i’d appreciate that.

Once again not being able to cancel an account online shows that Huel is either far behind the times in business technology or they are using the same “tricks” that other businesses do in “customer retention”. I looked for a way to cancel my account, but it does not exist. I don’t want any of my information in Huel systems. Love the product, hate the support systems associated with the product.

I have had the same experience…it’s difficult to delete payment methods. There’s a “garbage can icon” link, but it just generates an error message. Contacting support just generates a generic response…did you delete your cookies, try a different platform, etc. Yes, I did all of those things.

And no, there doesn’t seem to be any way to delete your account online.

I’m considering starting a thread about this on Reddit, if anyone’s interested.

I would be happy to remove your payment information for you, or get our tech team on the case if we think there’s a further issue!:grin: I’ll send you over an email now!

That doesn’t address the issue.

The issue is that the user can’t remove payment methods on the website or delete their account without having to rely on intervention by your tech support. Yes, you have a garbage-can link that’s supposed to delete a payment method, but it just generates an error message. And there’s no place on the site to delete your account.

I’ve had an issue with my order mysteriously regenerating The ship method, meaning I have gone in and paused my shipping thinking it would be a convenient way to hold the product while I was away on vacation, only to find that is shipped anyway, I thought this was a simple mistake and maybe my request was put in too late which I really don’t think was the case but nevertheless I ended up with too much product and wanted the same thing to happen and again my order was generated in the middle of the night on a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning automated PayPal payment, it’s funny how they do this in the middle of the night so that you can’t react to it.
I came here today to complain about it but after reading some of these reviews I see I was right to trust my first got instinct which is to not do business with anyone you can contact by phone, these reviews give me that ugly feeling inside when you don’t have any control over your own matters, has that feeling of the earlier years when you had to go through hell trying to remove AOL from your operating system or something. I think everyone for Sharing their frustration with the lack of communication with this company, and help me to understand that I just need to walk away, full disclosure I do really like the product, but I’m not going to be bullied into receiving it over and over when I don’t need to, if you can make it so completely easy and a wonderful experience to order the product you should make it just as easy to walk away, they know what they’re doing.

I wonder what’s going on with that. I’ve paused my shipment many times, with no problem. Also, I always get an email a few days in advance telling me that my product will be shipping soon. I assume that didn’t happen for you. Very frustrating.

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Hi @mrgoodhands. I’m really sorry to hear you had difficulties pausing your subscription. I can assure you we’re not secretly processing your subscription in the middle of the night so that you can’t react. It’s an automated process. The ‘pause subscription’ feature is something we implemented recently to increase our Hueligans ability to manage and tailor their subscription to their individual needs. It’s possible there are some bugs with it, yes, so I really do apologize for that! I would be more than happy to get my tech team looking into it immediately.

Also, we had a phone number at our US office in the past! I’m sure you can find threads about that. The reason we don’t currently is because we’re transitioning our US office to the east coast and are in the process of setting up our line. Our customer experience team is always ready to support whether you want to email us at support@huel.com or jump on Live Chat with us at Huel.com. We would be more than happy to further assist you with anything you might need​:raised_hands::heart:

@Desert_Way I’m glad to hear the ‘pause’ feature is working! Thanks for jumping in😁

Yes I absolutely did receive a pre-shipment warning/notification about The order being processed, but I didn’t see it until it was too late, I admittedly am very bad about monitoring my emails, so much so that everyone that knows me personally laughably send me a text telling me that I need to check my email because they sent me something important, And I understand that That part is on me, I just wish that myself and others didn’t have these other hiccups to deal with, heck I wasn’t even mad when I didn’t receive my free flavor pack sample.

Hey sorry I just posted a reply to you but I put it in the wrong part of the feed, thanks for your comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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