Customer Service Availability and Site Quality?

Chat is unavailable and e-mail took several days to reply to my last inquiry. There is no phone number I can find anywhere. Same day service does not seem to exist.

I canceled online to avoid any more 3.0 formulation for now… but today it says I’m subscribed and shipping is scheduled… So I try to unsubscribe again and the site does not respond so I’m subscribed despite 2 attempts to cancel and there are no humans I can get in contact with at Huel so I’m trying this public forum for help.

I can’t cancel my subscription despite multiple attempts?
Must I resort to anti-fraud tools and block payments?

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Hey @aim! Me again😃 I’m truly sorry for the delay in response to your emails. That is strange to hear about chat though, we have our Hueligans working hard on the platform until 5pm EST in the US! As we chatted about in the other thread I do see you were recently in contact with some of my peers but I would be happy to get you an email again so we can resolve any outstanding issues.

We’ll make this right for you💪 I hope you have a wonderful day.