Customer Service help

Ive been emailing you guys since Friday trying to fix a shipping address issue, no response, and the package has already shipped and is sent back.

Hi @BrandonA

Check your DM. I will need to have your order reshipped.

did you get the email and message i sent you?

Same here, never got my package even though fedex has it marked as delivered. I have sent half a dozen emails with no reaponse. Been disappointed in my first experience with Huel. Worst customer service I have experienced.

They have actually been decent, and the product is good. Just they need a phone line, this while email thing is not a good idea in my opinion for a business

Glad to hear your issues are resolved. I have yet to hear any word myself.

Have you sent Tyler a PM? Hes usually pretty good

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I have not, how does one dm a specific staff member?

go up in this message thread to sothan, click his name, and you should see a big blue tag saying message. can do that to everyone i believe.

Just to hop in here, I’ve replied to your inquires Sam.

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