Cancelling subscription and lack of response from customer service

I have sent THREE messages now, scoured the site, and read through the FAQs but STILL have not received any sort of response from anyone on canceling my subscription. There isn’t an option other than skip a delivery. Getting someone to respond and help is impossible. HELP PLEASE. Seems to be a common problem for Huel.

Hey @alexcliame1. I just searched our database with the email we have on file for you and we aren’t seeing any emails from you at all. I suppose this is why you haven’t received a response yet and I’m sorry about that. I’m not sure why we aren’t receiving them. Are you email Regardless, I’ve cancelled your subscription for you.

I sent you two messages through the website and another to the person I had been workin with last time that took three weeks to fix the issue. I sent several questions on the forum to appropriate people. For such a good product you guys have terrible customer service.

I highly recommend following these two basic rules for Huel ordering

  1. Order about 3 weeks before anticipating running out.

  2. Don’t use the subscription. Just order as needed.

Hey @alexcliame1. If you have time, can you email me screenshots of the emails you sent? My email is so you can send those there. We want to look into this further to see why we didn’t receive your messages.