Tell us about your first tastes!

Received my first ever order of Huel yesterday. I have to admit that, while my hopes were high because of all the positive things I’ve heard, my expectations were low. I’ve had a lot of experience with meal replacement and protein shakes and the best of them were…barely tolerable. I wanted to give Huel a try because the nutrient makeup is ideal for my needs. I ordered the vanilla and just a few minutes ago mixed my first serving in the provided shaker bottle. I wanted to see how it tasted on its own with cold tap water. I was very pleasantly surprised. The taste is a bit hard for me to describe, something between oatmeal and raw cookie dough, but very nice with no chalkiness or chemical aftertastes. This is something I can use AS food instead of replacing food. Glad that I found this product.


Just drank/ate/consumed my first huel. not unpleasant and actually about what I expected, I went with 3 scoops of vanilla.
Its a bit gritty and oatmeal flavored, could use some more vanilla in the vanilla flavor I think.
Funny thing that’s a bit disappointing though , I still feel a bit hungry. we’ll see how I feel in an hour or two.
maybe my scoops weren’t full enough or something. I am trying to stay around 1700 calories a day and have been fro about 3 months so I feel like I should be fuller on 500

but overall my first experiences is a good one.