Tell us about your first tastes!

I don’t see Splenda on the ingredient list…did I miss it!!! Or do you mean Stevia?
I HATE Splenda! I re-read…still don’t see it, is there a name variation I’m missing?

The Vanilla has sucralose which is Splenda.

You may want to do what I do and get the unflavored. I sweeten it with monk fruit, but you could also use stevia or really anything else. With some Vanilla or maple extract or some cinnamon, it is pretty good.

Got my first Vanilla shipment, and am loving my Huel. I like the taste- kind of like oatmeal mixed with carrot cake batter- in a delicious way. I find it to be MUCH better if I make it the night before and then blend in a few berries in the morning. I’ve also made it with peanut powder (amazing), with orange Kool Aid (not so amazing, I was going for creamsicle, big miss), and with instant coffee (Very good). I’ve had no flatulence, though my gut has been adapting- not in a miserable way. I’ll get the unsweetened version next time, as I’m not 100% fond of the sweetener taste. I don’t have anything against cane sugar… I thought I ordered the strawberry, but was sent cocoa (probably my fault). $9 is a lot for a bag of cocoa powder… All in all, Huel is a great meal (way healthier than what I would choose…)

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I got my order yesterday and after reading some other people’s reactions I was expecting an unpleasant experience. The appearance was a smooth powder. The smell was like sugar cookie dough. I mixed up just 1 scoop vanilla in about 250 mL water, and it was quite pleasant, a little gritty, but not bad. I can’t think of anything similar for comparison, but I like it. After a few sips, I poured the rest into brewed coffee, and that was also delicious. I feel well fed and energetic, but have a slight urge to chew some food. I guess humans crave texture? Does that craving reduce as a person adapts to liquid food?

A little while later I had a slight but not painful bloated feeling. I’m glad I started slow. I’ll continue with only one scoop per day until the bloating does not occur.

I’m looking forward to trying my first taste of unflavored unsweetened tomorrow. It smells nice - a bit like plain pancake batter.

I started Huel over the weekend, and impressed so far. As a food scientist by degrees, and active in the gym, I am skeptical of any meal replacer or workout enhancer or for recovery.

After diagnosing the ingredient statement, and reviewing how this is formulated, I’m bought into using it.

I’m looking to shed another 20 lbs and put on more lean muscle mass, so we’ll see if this does the trick for diet. Cautiously optimistic on this one.

As reported, my body is trying to adjust to it, so hopefully things calm down in a couple weeks.

The only negative for me is the use of stevia, as even with the sucralose to balance the sweetness profile, I can still pick out the stevia linger in the vanilla. Not sure the purity Huel is using, but maybe a higher purity Reb A would help.

I bought the unsweetened version to do a side by side comparison, awaiting it’s arrival.

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Hi @notme! :wave: Glad to hear you’re loving the Huel life so far! As for the bloating issue, I would recommend not consuming hot beverages at the same time as your Huel. This is due to the fact that hot beverages do not empty from the stomach as rapidly as cooler beverages; thus slowing the other contents of the stomach, i.e. Huel. If food and drink empty from the stomach quicker it means less bloating. As with any dietary change, starting slow is always a good idea, so keep it up! Let us know how your U/U Huel goes!

Thanks Teresa.

I tried the unflavored this morning and experienced no negative effects at all, but it was… well… unflavored. It wasn’t nearly as pleasant to drink as the vanilla. I’ll have to play around with additives and find something I like that doesn’t add too much sugar or calories. I wonder if anyone has a spicy version.

I need to lose 25 lbs, so I appreciate that I don’t feel hungry for many hours after even just a small snack of Huel. Eventually I’ll transition to substitute for two meals on weekdays, probably only one on weekends, and I cook a family meal for supper every day.

I just started Huel yesterday. I ordered the sweetened version, and I found that I like the taste, though I might like the unsweetened more as the sweet tastes “fake” to me. I drank about two scoops last night, slowly over the course of about an hour. I noticed some queasiness, and some gas. Honestly, the gas doesn’t bother me, but I’m having the queasiness again today after having about one scoop. It’s pretty disruptive (hard to work and concentrate). Anyone else experience this? I can manage it for a few days, but I won’t be able to feel like this for long without doing something, like quitting Huel.

Thanks for reading.

I am currently on day two of Huel, I enjoyed the first day where I added a little bit to thicken up my oatmeal and then had a three scoop drink in which I consumed over the course of a couple hours. Today I put some cinnamon into the mix and it’s quite tasty. I have had different powder mixes before and Huel is very edible compared to most protein shake mixes. You don’t have to kill it with the cinnamon powder, which I learned the hard way and am looking forward to tomorrow when I will use less of it. I haven’t had any problems with my stomach with it at all other than some burping and some gas.

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How much water are you mixing it with? The only times I have had experiences that sound relatable were when I was mixing it too thick. My only suggestion would be would be to try adding more water.

Too thick is of course relative to what my body is comfortable with and could vary from person to person.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I mixed in the recommended amount of water, and the Huel was about as thick as a milkshake. I liked the flavor and consistency, but based on your comment, I will try making it a little thinner.

Hi Kristin, I hope you’re getting along better with your Huel now. As with any dietary change, it can take the body a bit to adjust and this is different for everyone. If you find that Huel is not for you, please email us at where we can assist you with a return if needed.

Thank you, Teresa. I’m doing okay with the Huel now. I am taking things slowly to help my body get acclimated over time. I will be sure to be in touch with customer service if I need to be.

Got the vanilla and tried the instant coffee recipe with more ice than it called for… absolutely awful tasting. Unless I can find a way to mask the taste (I’ll try adding frozen blueberries) the three bags I bought will be going into the trash. I guess the nutritional value outweighs the awful taste for some.

I don’t really understand why you think it’s so bad, but please don’t waste 80+ servings of food.

Donate to a coworker who is already drinking smoothies or breakfast shakes. Otherwise, consider dropping it off at a shelter - the super long shelf life makes this stuff easy to give to a food pantry.

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You can send it to me if you’re just going to pitch it. :grin:

I don’t know if it’ll help, but… I use a bit of sugar free / fat free Jell-O pudding mix, in whatever flavor you so desire. Usually I use butterscotch or cheesecake flavor with some unsweetened cocoa powder.

The cheesecake Jell-O mix (apx 5-6 grams) and sugar free / fat free cherry Jell-O mix (apx 3-4 grams) combined with the vanilla Huel is pretty tasty to me.


@Desert_Way How did that go? I want to try V8 with lime juice but worry about what the acidity will do to Huel, especially after reading about the pickle juice someone tried.

Got my order yesterday (one bag each vanilla and unflavored), and made myself a shake for my mid-day / lunch meal - used 2 scoops unflavored and 1 scoop vanilla, plus 1 tsp instant coffee. I rather enjoyed this; there is some texture, enough that it almost feels like I’m eating but not so much that it’s gag-inducing. The flavor is light, not very sweet - which is exactly what I wanted. It took me about a half hour to finish the shake and I am now pleasantly satiated without feeling too full. Since this is my first time using Huel I am starting with one shake per day and plan on increasing it to two after several days (replacing breakfast and lunch) to help me drop those pesky holiday pounds.

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We’ve heard from a few Huelers on here about using V8 and they seem to enjoy it! I haven’t tried it yet personally, but I’m interested in trying this one from @Tamara_Mutchler.