Tell me your success stories

Hello there,

I have been an on again off again user of Huel for a handful of years. I often come to the forum to look for inspiration in your stories and experiences because they give me a boost. I could really use a good dose of that inspiration for health. So help a sister out and please share your successes with Huel, how you incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle, what changes you have noticed since you started using it, even a link to your favorite recipe or a shout out to your favorite flavor boost if it has helped you on your journey. Thank you in advance!

Hi, I have been using HUEL for about 6 months now. I replace my “breakfast” with it. I have lost 73 pounds in those 6 months. I LOVE Huel and can’t do this without it. It fills me up for 4 hours. I do intermittent fasting for 18 hours too. My favorite Autumn Huel combo is 1/4c organic pumpkin, 2 ice cubes, 1T pumpkin spice mix, and 2 scoops of Vanilla Huel 3.0 Gluten Free. Blend well in a blender and I am good to go. I wish you all the best! Have a great day.

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Greetings. I have been a regular user of Huel (and Soylent) for a few years now. They have certainly been a big, positive part of my life. Every day now, I prepare and eat a lunch that is quick, reasonably priced, and vegan. I have saved a lot of time and money with these products. Huel is also about as healthy a meal as you can find anywhere. Personally I like the plain and unflavored blended with a little miso and Japanese pepper. That is a simple way to do it, and it works for me. On the more negative side, I don’t like most of the flavored ones, primarily because I hate the taste of fake sugar. The hot and savory meals are mostly very good, and are also a part of my diet. Best wishes to you and your health and diet journey.

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