New to Huel! Goals: Weight loss and health and has anyone got any recipes?

Newbie here…

I’ve just received my first order of Huel and my goal is to be healthier overall and try a more vegan lifestyle (not full vegan… yet!) and hopefully lose some weight too.

I’m planning on using Huel to replace my breakfast and my lunch or dinner each day, and maybe trying a 100% Huel day here and there in my busy schedule.

Wanted to drop a note here and see if anybody had good recipe ideas to try out to mix things up a little?

Let me know and wish me luck!


I’ve only just ordered my first batch.
I’m trying it out and if I like the flavor I’ll make the switch from Soylent.

The only combo I know with certainty that I’ll be trying immediately is Huel + Coffee because I always mixed my Soylent in with my coffee each morning.

I’m really excited for their flavor packets to come to the US because that is a major component I missed with Soylent and one of the issues I’ve struggled with in the past has been adding too many calories when mixing in additional items on my own. “JUST THROW IN EVERYTHING!!!”

I hope you’ll update if you’ve tried anything so far that you like!

I have not tried any, but in case you missed them, there is a small collection of official recipes:

(Despite the name, there are also non-cooked items like smoothies on the list.)

Probably not a weight loss recipe, but I just had some sprinkled on ice cream (figured it would raise the nutrition profile) and thought it worked pretty well.

I was surprisingly pleased with mixing UU with V8. To that I also added a little Tabasco. I don’t always feel like having a sweet shake.


I ordered some flavored syrups from Monin. I have a very bad reaction to sucralose, so the Vanilla huel wasn’t an option for me. Monin was the only zero calorie all natural (monk fruit mostly) syrup I could find. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m excited to try it.

Way to be bold and adventurous with your Huel!

Thanks! Powered peanut butter, frozen berries, and extracts (I just ordered some alcohol free ones ) have all worked well too.

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That sounds SO GOOD! Can’t wait to try it

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