How long have you gone on primarily or only Huel?

I want to know because I have such a curiosity as to whether I could hack it or not. The idea is attractive to see if I notice any health benefits from it.

So how long have you gone? What have you noticed? Was it difficult to adjust, both mentally and physically? Any favorite recipes, or was it just Huel and water? :cup_with_straw: :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I lasted about 2 weeks. And this was using a combination of Huel powder and H&S. Unfortunately, the H&S only lasted about a week.

The original goal was to see if I could make it for a month going purely on a Huel diet. I started the challenge with the idea of keeping to 3 meals a day, so I was planning on drinking two large (1.5x servings) shakers of the powder for breakfast and lunch, and then dinner was to be two, usually different versions of H&S. Unfortunately, I started running into problems after about 5 days.

First problem: My body started rejecting the H&S after 5 days. And what I mean by this isn’t that I was throwing it up, but that it became extremely hard to force myself to swallow it. The taste remained fine, and still appetizing, but my body just kinda said “No”.

Second problem: This started after I switched to powder only. I started feeling very full after only 4 servings spread through the day, and had a lot of difficulty getting to 5 for the full 2000 daily calorie intake recommendation. This may have been a problem with bloating, as I started getting quite gassy when I went to this point - even though I had been using Huel powder for quite a while before I attempted this.

Third problem: I started craving something more solid to eat, anything I was around with crunch made it very difficult to keep on this diet. This is actually what caused me to quit the challenge early, as the cravings became strong enough that I just had to get something different to eat.

Fourth problem: This was mentioned in the second problem, but I started to get very gassy again. When I first started Huel, I had a week of very bad gas and bloating, then another week where it was still bad but had gotten better, and then another 2 weeks before it decreased to near normal levels. This pushed the gas back to where I had been shortly after starting Huel, and I was quite uncomfortable.

As for my mental health, I didn’t notice anything particularly different. I might have been a little bit shorter with others as I was in discomfort the majority of the challenge, but I don’t think it was a big issue. One thing I did notice is that my activity level decreased, and I’ll chalk this up to the gas issue. I was in a level of uncomfortableness that exercising wasn’t something I was interested in and when I did exercise, there was excess gas (if I had been going to a gym I’d have been embarrassed, but since I wasn’t it was just annoying).

As for how I took my Huel, it was just Huel and water.

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i guess i went about 4 months solely on huel black label for breakfast and lunch, and hot and savory for dinner. i had a bit of stomach issues in the morning on the black label so i cut back on the level of huel in the morning(about 60 grams mixed with berries, a dollop of yogurt and a bit of almond milk)…i think i might have been drinking too much too fast…and now i have no issues at all.


I’ve gone a month on Huel 3.0 and H&S before. It was fine, felt great physically. I ended up stopping because I missed different textures (and sushi, just can’t quit sushi for the life of me). I still use 3.0 as a daily meal replacement and protein powder post-workouts. I don’t use H&S anymore, just can’t get used to the flavors.

Holler if you have any questions.


I’ve been using Huel Black for about a year and a half for breakfast and lunch almost every day and 4-5 dinners a week. It’s been great for my health especially my cholesterol. I’m saving a ton of money and so I go out for dinner Friday and saturdays and can enjoy the food more because it’s special.


Hi, I use Huel 7 days a week, for breakfast, 2 scoops with 16oz of water only.
I do add things like cacao powder, psyllium husks, pumpkin puree, and cinnamon from time to time depending on the taste/nutrition I am going for that day.
I have been using Huel this way for 8 months now. I love it. It works really well for me and is filling and lasts about 4 hours to control hunger.
I definitely improved my blood work numbers like cholesterol and blood glucose levels SIGNIFICANTLY in the past 8 months, all in normal ranges now.
Also, I have lost 118lbs in about 16 months, Huel being a part of that for the past 8 months.
I wish you all the best. :grinning:


About three months. It’s a small timeframe but bloodwork significantly improved on all levels along with rapid weight loss. This could be done without Huel. Though it was much easier since you just make say 5-6 shakes with 2 scoops a day without thinking about it. Depending on the reason you’re doing it, it could create a poor relationship with food.


Welcome back, its been a while!

I’ve been a happy customer for years now. I started with shakes but I prefer the hot & savory line and have been eating it for most meals for over a year now. I do four meals a day and eat about a scoop and a half for each meal, or when I want to go out to eat or have something special/try a new recipe, I’ll combine the two dinner meals’ worth of calories together and spend them on one larger meal. I’ve lost over 50lbs because counting calories has been so easy. Huel enabled me to really turn my life around - I’m now a runner and ran my first 10K last fall, and I’m excited for my first half marathon this year!

I typically buy ~$200 worth of H&S at a time and it lasts about 8 weeks or so. Helluva deal. I was spending that much WEEKLY on groceries and fast food. When I do go out to eat now I let myself go out to fancy places because I saved so much money on every other meal leading up to it.

I’ve learned how to make the most of each of the meals, and I always add something to every single one and never eat them as they are. I typically add MSG, red pepper flakes, and for texture I’ll sometimes add textured veg protein/soy curls/bac’n bits/vegan ground meat etc. With the Mexican chili I’ll sprinkle fresh cilantro in it, for the curries I’ll add fenugreek and curry powder, etc etc. With a scoop and a half of Huel and the added tablespoon of protein, each meal is roughly 323-335 calories. Four times a day is roughly 1300 calories, and I’ll have 200 calories of snacks throughout the day, typically fresh vegetables (of which you can have quite a bit for 200 calories). I’m always satiated and I’m never hungry.

I had so many false starts and stops with my diet, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a low calorie count and get all the nutrients that I need. When doing it on my own without Huel, I would feel weak and have constant cravings because I couldn’t get all of my nutrients in. That was immediately resolved when I turned to the hot and savory meals.

When people ask how I lost the weight I’ll joke and say “I’m on a mac & cheese diet,” but it’s not really a joke as 80% of all of the food I ate in 2022 was huel mac & cheese.

My biggest piece of advice is to absolutely ignore the instructions on the back of the bag. Get an electric kettle if you don’t already have one, and let each meal sit for at least 15 minutes before you start to eat it. Play around with adding ingredients and amounts of water for different textures, and get a glass bowl with an airtight lid for cheap online so you’re not eating plastic every day.


I have been living mostly off Huel Black, and the hot and savory for a while, I don’t use an electric kettle, but I do let the food sit in the hot pot Huel gave me a while ago for at least 10 minutes. I also add my own seasonings to the pasta bolognese, but my mom likes it as is. I recommend trying the different hot and savory products until you find something that works. I also like the mac and cheese mixed with the cajun pasta, but sometimes they both weren’t in stock, so I mostly just stick with Huel Black cinnamon roll (I add extra Ceylon Cinnamon, apples and blueberries) and the pasta bolognese to which I add turmeric and South Carolina ghost reaper peppers that I get from Ed Curry’s Puckerbutt pepper company after it’s cooked as I have to make a small serving for my mom at the same time and she hates turmeric and the peppers would probably kill her.

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Been doing mostly 2 Huel meals per day since 2019, one of the best lifehacks I’ve ever done.


This is hilarious and so true. Great advice, both on the experimenting with the Hot & Savory water amount, and for the glass container. I also do both of those things

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I’ve previously done a month or two of OMAD / Huel only which helped kick off a fasting / bone broth / keto kick and lost 30lbs+ between the Huel and the fasting. I find these days H&S helps maintain sanity when otherwise using the sweet huel flavours.


I have been using a similar method. I stick to a salty caramel shake in the mornings, then two hot & savory meals later in the day. I allow myself one cheat meal during the week also, and that takes care of my cravings. I also take a magnesium supplement in the mornings. This combo along with a few cups of black coffee does lead to some tummy issues, and I find them tolerable when I take a few fiber pills with my meals. Lower blood pressure, more energy, less cravings, and weight loss win out over culinary indulgence in my opinion. Thanks Huel!