Huel for weight loss and time management

30 days into using Huel as a meal replacement 2x per day and I am down 15 lbs, have more energy and have saved a ton of time and money by not going out to eat. This is the best thing I have done for not only my body but also for the productivity of my self while running my businesses.


Congrats! Love to hear this. Gets me motivated to keep at it!

Good to know as I’m gonna try the same 2x a day + 1-2 bars. I literally just started this morning and had to throw out my first shake. My fault, I mixed chocolate and coffee caramel plus 1 other ingredient. Bad idea. I’m drinking my 2nd shake of the day now. Chocolate + raw honey + a little ice. Blended. Pretty good but still has that rather unusual after taste on my pallet. I guess the black takes a little getting used to? At any rate, I hope to get similar results as you have, hopefully even faster. I guess we’ll see.

Am considering trying the new savory flavs soon. Still undecided.