Tee Shirt 2.0 - manufacturer/item number

I received the Heather Grey Huel Tee. It’s the new 2.0 version, a blend of Cotton, Polyester, and Elastene. The shirt is awesome and fits me perfectly.

I know the 1.0 shirt is available at Gilden because there is a link-out to it on the merchandise page. Who manufactures the 2.0 shirt? Is there an item number available so I can order a few of them?

I appreciate the help very much.

Hey Adam, Huel’s t-shirts are produced bespoke for us, unlike our old t-shirts (the Gildans you’ve talked about) that were blank t-shirts we had printed, these are made to our exact specification, you can’t find them anywhere else :slight_smile: So pleased that you love them! They took some time to get produced!

Good for you guys on putting together a great shirt. Too bad for me I can’t order 10 of them and be done with tee-shirt buying for a few years. I suppose I could, but at that point, I think Huel would need to pay rent.

Thank you for tracking that info down for me.


Adam Guenther
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