How do I get the free shirt?

I made my first order through amazon. Got the kit that includes the scoop, shaker bottle, two bags of vanilla, and the booklet. Do you not get the shirt if you order through amazon? I Ike this product and want to represent!

I believe you get it from your first order at Now that you have a bag, if you think you will get more, order some from this website at least one time for the first time goodies. Depending on how much they have sold lately it can take up to 10 days or more for it to arrive anyway, so you won’t be sitting on a surplus for long.

Hi @Forgotmymeds

Unfortunately, the free t-shirt promotion is exclusive to orders. But you can reach out to me or and we can see what we can do you for :slight_smile:

I ordered from the huel site and the shirt actually fell out of the box… They were understanding and sent me a replacement! I’ve been very pleased with huel as a product and a service.


I received a black tshirt… but the site shows a heather grey one… was really hoping for that one. Any chance I can get a swap or something? Thanks :slight_smile:

We’re actually out of the promotional grey shirts atm, sorry about that!

Ordered from received everything except a t-shirt with my first order, so sad.