New Huel shirts

I’m the biggest fan of the huel shirts with the small logo on the chest. They are the best fitting shirts I’ve ever owned and I use them almost like a uniform. I’m super excited to see the new logoless shirt lineup, especially with the addition of white.

My concern is of the sizing. Looks different from the ones I own. Can anyone that has both confirm if they are the same fit? Just want to make sure before buying a bunch

Hey @Guam68 - welcome to the US forum :tada:

Glad to hear you love the t-shirts, I love them too. They’re so comfy!

Great question. The fit differs and it’s made of different material! For the sizing guide on the t-shirt and to find the best fit for you, there’s a size guide on the product page. If you run into any issues with the sizing after ordering, just reach out to our team at and we’re happy to help too. :slight_smile:

I got an XL which is normally fine but it’s way too small. It’s super soft-I can see why everyone goes gaga over them