Huel is great and all, but those T-shirts tho

It’s anyone else obsessed with the shirts?! Normally, I hate brand stuff, but the material and cut is stellar. Soft, with just enough stretch, plus the long torso and athletic fit is perfect for the gym. I just ordered a second shirt because my first one just wasn’t enough. I’m already considering getting more.


i am a size small now
when i started huel i was a medium



I have the old version and am super bummed I don’t have the new one. It looks great.

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I often hear that size small means the muscles are forever small. I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only size small.


I’m waiting for more colors so I can wear a Huel shirt everyday. The most comfortable shorts I have ever worn.


I looove my Huel shirt as well. They figured out the perfect type.

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Which color did you pick?

I’m asking because the material is different between the black and the gray.

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Whaaa? Really? I picked black for both my initial and when I picked up a second shirt. Is the cut different too? :eyes:

I wouldn’t know. I have the old version that looks and smells like I’m wearing an old mop after I workout. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Love the shirt… great for running and workouts… even in the hot summer sun the black wasn’t hot…

Why are there no Huel tank tops?

Great idea! I would totally rock a Huel tank top.

I ordered a black but received gray…was like a Hanes Beefy-T. They now appear to be slim-fitting…much improved over the original unless you’re thicc.

I wonder about the conditions under which the “free first shirts” were produced - it would be great if the Huel team could make a comment about the origin and the working conditions of the people who produce them. I really hope that they get a fair pay.

Our t-shirts are made in a factory in Bangladesh of happy workers who have fair pay, flexible leave policies, medical care and a good, clean working environment – nothing less than we would expect and all in accordance with local laws. They aren’t allowed to work more than 48 hour weeks and any overtime is paid double and is totally voluntary.