T-shirt size incorrect!

Ok, ordered my first batch of Huel, great meals, but the protein shake is hard to drink. That’s not the issue though.
I was so stoked to get my package, and that T-shirt looked amazing. I ordered XXL, what came was a beautiful grey T-shirt, sized in the collar as XXL, but was actually closer to a L. My wife can wear it, i can’t even begin to put it on. What gives? Can i get a replacement?


Es no bueno


That exhausts my Spanish

Now for something different…you should be able to contact Huel support directly at their email.
They’d be able to assist more than the customers that these forums were generated for.

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Hey @Spiritualjedi,
Thanks for joining the conversation!
So our t-shirt definitely have more of an athletic cut, but we are always updating and innovating our products, we hear you. If we make a larger t-shirt we will let our Hueligans know and I am glad that at least your wife is enjoying the tee! :muscle:

Uhm, 2 whole sizes is not an athletic cut, it’s sized wrong. I usually wear XXL in regular T-shirts, but do wear XL as an undershirt. I can’t even do that with this. Way too tight.

That’s what I got too… I usually wear an XXL and there was no way I would wear that shirt anywhere as it looked like a child size on me. It may be European athletic (if that is a thing) cut which would be at least 2 sizes under what American non-athletic would be.

There’s different cuts. I think you’re more used to a regular fit. Just to help paint a visual:
Athletic fit → slim fit → regular fit → loose fit

I ordered my size and it came the same size as my Under Armour and Nike shirts, but it feels about 2, almost 3 sizes smaller than my loose fit Adidas shirt. It’s the cut - it’s meant to hug your body. You got the size you ordered, it’s not meant to fit loose. Odds are if you get 4X it’ll still fit somewhat close to your body - it’s just the style of the fit.

I get that not a lot of people like this style of cut, especially if it’s not something you feel comfortable wearing, as it’s purposefully tight - but the Huel sizes are correct. Maybe you just don’t like athletic fit, and that’s fair.