Missing T-Shirt

Hi received my first order of fuel bars today, order #613357-US. Everything was great, delivery, packing and all. It had the T-shirt missing. I had requested for grey XL.

Please help. Thax!

I had the same thing happen to me.
Got my package today.
2 bags, 3 scoops, shaker bottle… No shirt.

Well we can’t have you lovely Hueligans enjoying Huel without your t-shirts! I’ll get those sent your way right away😁

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Hi, I too was excited about receiving my first order today order #838447 - US. Unfortunately i did not receive my T-shirt in XL size as promised. Please could you help me with this.

I too did not receive my shirt order number #845062. After only 3 days of drinking Huel, I am so ready to Rep Huel at work…

An update. I received the T-shirt from Huel and am continually impressed by their level of professionalism. Kudos to taking the time to listen and take appropriate measures. Appreciate it.

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Love to hear the enthusiasm and support!