Teaberry and Ube Huel are fantastic

I picked up some teaberry (tastes like pepto) ice cream flavoring and some Ube extract off Amazon and have been making my Huel with both(not at the same time) and both are great tasting. I make it with U/U.

My recipe is half almond milk/half water or all water, ice, two scoops of U/U and a packet or two of stevia. I’m still working on the Ube extract ratio but I find 1 1/4 tsp of the tea berry is perfect. I use the Butterfly Ube extract which turns my Huel this nice purple color and neither of the two add hardly any calories.

Thought I would drop in and post about it in case anyone wants to shake up their Huel routine.

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You know we love when a Hueligan jumps on to share their favorite recipe! This sounds quite delicious and I will have to give it a go myself😁

Thanks so much for sharing again and have yourself a lovely week!:heart:

I absolutely love the flavor of ube. However, I’ve never once thought to mix it with Huel, as I usually just ingest ube desserts. Thank you for this great idea. I’ll definitely be purchasing ube powder later today. Perhaps even taro powder.