Couple ideas for flavorings

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I was searching around on Amazon and came up with a matcha powder - wondering if mixing it and some Splenda into the Huel would provide something close to a green tea ice cream flavor?

The other powders I noticed was “Terrasoul” brand. They have various flavors - most interested in the acai berry personally, but I wondered if anyone else had done this yet. If nobody has, I’ll be my own guinea pig whenever my shipment arrives. :smiley:




Green tea ice cream <3 <3 <3 that would be incredible. I’ll have to try that when mine comes in, too. Give us an update on how you like it if you try it!

So this is the Green Tea powder I’m eyeballing on Amazon. I ended up asking the seller a question and this is the direct reply :slight_smile:

"We have not tried this - but our Classic Culinary grade is the favorite among ice cream shops we work with! If the Huel has a sweet, milky taste, then the matcha should make a nice addition. -Emma

Emma Lee
Customer Happiness
Jade Leaf Organics "

So… I think if we make the Huel with almond milk maybe? Almond milk and water? and add some Splenda in too… maybe. We might be able to accomplish that glorious sweet concoction lol

My bf and i were just discussing macha powder and huel. I have some powder in the house so maybe tomorrow morning ill try it in my shake and report back!
Update tried a small batch, 250ml unsweetened almond milk, splash water large teaspoon macha, small teaspoon stevia one scope unsweetened huel. Tasted pretty bad.

Let me know your experience!

Nooooo lol okay, I ordered the vanilla - maybe that’ll make a difference. Fingers crossed. :grin:

Im sure sweeten huel would be better. Plus my matcha is a little on the stale side. Keep us updated on your creations!

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My brother-in-law actually makes his vanilla Huel with matcha powder most days and loves it! I’ll have to get him on the forum to talk about his measurements. :yum: