Restarted program

So I purchased some huel last year and could not quite get into it. I broke my foot in May so figured I’m out of work for a couple months so why not give it a another try. Well so far so good. Have dropped about 11-13 lbs so far. 2 scoops vanilla, 1/3 cup blueberries, few strawberries, cold water/ice and BAM I love it. Only one in the morning now but adding a 2nd shake starting next week. Just placed another order for 2 bags. Also using a Ninja 900 watt blender to mix. Works great!!!

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WOOOOooah! That’s major success there!! I have been at this (with varying levels of committment) for about 8 weeks so far, and I am still trying to achieve those kind of results. Awesome work, and thanks for sharing your mix recipe, too!

Amazing work @JW00! You’re inspiring me :muscle:

For my money, nothing beats the banana + peanut butter (or PB2 powder) + pumpkin pie spice with my vanilla Huel.

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