Taste of different flavors

I am new to Huel and have looked forward to using it. I ordered cookies and cream I believe is the flavor and strawberry. Strawberry is ok but C&C is ruthlessly bad. Am I able to send it back as ordering online wouldn’t allow me to order only one bag. Or am I going to have to just toss it in the trash? Thanks in advance

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Best bet is to email support directly, the forums are the wrong place for these things.

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Everything I’ve read tells me no. Once a product is opened/used, you cannot return it. I was researching for the same reason. I’ve tried Salted Caramel and Vanilla which were both great. Wanted some variety so I ordered Cookies and Creme recently and boy are you right… I tried a few times to see if it was consistency or temperature, but no C&C is gross. My wife and son who both love Cookies & Cream in general but not this… unfortunately the whole bag will probably go to waste (which is quite an expensive waste for Black). I wish they had sample packs because that’s a costly taste test. I love their Hot & Savory line too, only one I haven’t liked so far is the Mac & Cheese. They can have a long relationship with me, but if I get bored of the flavors I’m not very inclined to try anything new if its going to cost me $40+ just to “taste test”.

Oh no, I’m so sorry you aren’t a fan of Cookies & Cream, but glad you’re liking strawberry. Best thing to do is email the team, I am sure they will be able to help you out in one way or another!