Is it possible to exchange flavors?

My wife and I decided to try adding Huel to our diet to help us round out our nutrition and enjoy some lower-calorie lunches and breakfasts, as well as some low-effort dinners on lazy or busy nights. We ordered three of bags of the powder (one of each of the flavored varieties) in order to find out which one we liked the best.

Vanilla and Berry were both pretty good (for nutrition shakes, at least) but both of us find the Chocolate flavor to be almost undrinkable. There’s only 200g missing from the original package, so I was wondering if Huel offers some kind of refund or exchange program for unused product. If there isn’t, we’re probably just going to trash it.

Thanks in advance!

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Don’t give up hope ! There are several threads that discuss doctoring up Chocolate. My favorites are peanut butter powder and also chili/red pepper. I think the refund only applies to unopened product in 30 days =( Maybe there’s someone nearby that would purchase it from you.

Bake something with it. I plan to do just that once my order of chocolate comes in.

I made some soft batch cookies with the vanilla I have and they came out pretty darn good. I plan to incorporate almond slivers and/or raisins in the next batch. And they are filling too.

Have you tried mixing the chocolate Huel powder with almond or soy milk? So delicious!

Our refund policy states that you can only return unopened product within 30 days like @Kilroy2003 said, but as we handle customers on a case-by-case basis, I would be happy to help you out with this. If you would like to return the pouch for a refund or exchange it for a different powder, please return product to the address below, including your name and order number.

Huel Returns
14401 Sovereign Road
Suite 101
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Once you ship this, if you have a tracking number, send it over to me and I will issue a refund or order your replacement right away. Just say the word!

I have been giving my friend samples of my Huel. Different flavors… Once he had the chocolate he told me “Sold! It’d good in milk.” He will soon purchase a bag of chocolate Huel. :slight_smile:
I enjoy Huel with half flavored, half unflavored. Try that?

Could you provide a recipe for the cookies?

I used yours. Added maybe 30% more water (because huel absorbs it fast and made it hard to mix by hand) and subbed 3 tbsp melted ghee for butter because that’s what I had on hand. I offered samples to some skeptics at work and both approved of them, specifically liking the texture. Said that they would be great with chocolate chips added. lol

Thank you BTW!

I changed my subscription for one UU and one berry. Or I thought I did. I just saw I am getting one UU and one chocolate again for this coming shipment. Which isn’t awful, I just am looking forward to trying the berry. I just went to change my subscription again to one UU and one berry, and it says “updated.” But when I leave the page and go back to it, one unflavored and one chocolate are still the selected flavors. Help :slight_smile:

anyone able to let me order one berry and one uu on my subscription? :slight_smile:

Hey Aaron. Sorry for the delay here–to confirm your subscription is for one berry and one unflavored :slight_smile:

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Chiming back in after a month of drinking Huel on a regular, almost daily basis.

So, all of the flavors take some getting used to, and chocolate is no different. Adding 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to both the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors really makes them taste a lot better, in my opinion. I ended up not trading the chocolate back in: the added cinnamon really made that much of a difference. It also helped to chill the chocolate flavor for a little longer so it wasn’t quite as grainy and chalky.