Tape on the boxes

a few times the black papery tape has been unstuck on the large full boxes of huel.

i think itd because the handling of a large heavy box distorts its shape and the tape unsticks.

i trust not all dpd drivers, so please use stickier tape, stronger boxes or both.

packing large orders in two boxes is also anothet option. - i know that throws up another problem though…

sorry wrong forum.

is this an issue in the US ?

As far as I can recall, our boxes have an adhesive that keep the flaps down, not tape.

The boxes I receive with Huel powder are taped but I don’t think I’ve ever had one that arrived opened or with the tape not holding.

problem is in uk then

Yeah, i feel incredibly secure in the box fort that i built from what Huel ships the product in.

I mean, it’s a modest structure compared to my wife’s Amazon-sourced castle but i think mine will withstand the zombie horde.


thats what the US Space Force should use bunkers on the moon.

you deserve the credit.

am i rite

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Those mylar bags might come in handy for being air tight if you’re talking about a moonbase

Does Huel ship offworld? I mean, not for free of course but how much could it cost to ship to the moon? Compared to most extra terrestrial destinations, our own moon should be a relatively small fee.

who owns the moon brutha

Poets and dreamers :wink:


i wanna piece of the pie