Packaging falling apart

I’ve been using black HUEL for a few months now. Love it. So much so that I’m ordering quite a few bags each time. The bags come in a flimsy box. Not huel logoed or anything like that. The boxes, by the time they arrive, are breaking open. Not only the place where tape is applied (seems very weak tape) but also along the box edges. Maybe the shipping company is rough with them but I would not package 8 heavy bags in a flimsy box such as these. This has happened over the last 3 deliveries. The 2nd delivery bags were visible from outside the boxes, I contacted support and they offered me a discount. Today the same happened, too many bags in one box and they are falling apart in shipping.

I like to order once a month and around 10-12 bags, that way I get the best pricing. I understand issues with supplies and maybe the packaging is just that way due to limited boxes?

Please can you use better boxes if you can. Or put my orders into smaller boxes, like the Huel logoed ones. I know it might cost more but I’m having to inspect each bag to check for damage each time. So far no bags appear to be punctured.