Not all the new black bags are sealed properly

You guys might want to check the warehouse, and I’m curious if this is where complaints about the flavor being off are coming from. A few bags in my order (I buy 6 at a time), the ziplock is zipped, but the bag its self is not sealed at the tear off point, like the bagger ran out of glue when sealing or something.

All of my product is still good though! Just thought this was worth mentioning.

Hi @skelooth,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I will notify our operations team of any potential issues related to packaging.



I had the same experience, when I opened my last order powder got everywhere, it was was frustrating.

As a follow up, I don’t think any of my black sided bags of huel are glued on top. The ziplocks are zipped, but no need to tear anything off as they are not glued together at the top at all.

Again, my product is 100% okay, but someone may have forgot to put glue in the bagger or something :slight_smile: