Bags not fully sealed

Hi, I have been on huel since last year and recently I noticed that the bags are less thick, they break easily when I tear them up and the seal does not close perfectly or it is difficult. The worst part of this is when they arrived unsealed. I mean the bag is closed outside, but the seal is open inside and they make a mess when you finally open them. Has any body experienced this?

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear the seal has been hit or miss for you in recent shipments. We haven’t changed the pouches we utilize or the quality of them so I’m not quite sure as to why this problem is occurring for you. I’ll absolutely have a chat with my operations team to see if there’s any reason as to why this might be happening, and if it’s happening to more Hueligans!

Thanks for taking the time to send us over feedback. As always, we truly appreciate it. Have a lovely week❤

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I have had a similar experience with the bags ever since the switch to Huel Black Edition. I find that I can’t get the Ziploc style bag to close completely. I always keep a previous shipment’s empty bag of Huel around in case a new bag can’t seal properly.

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I also had this issue. I’m brand new to Huel so it was my first order and when I opened the outer seal, I ended up getting powder all over the place and it won’t reseal fully. :frowning: The other bag seems to be okay.

Same, the seals specifically of Huel Black for every shipment I’ve gotten are super bad. There is always powder all over my counter top and I’ve even tried taping the bags shut to no avail. Thinking I’ll have to hunt down some of those chip clips from the 1990’s.