Huel Black Packaging

Received my first pack of Huel Black today. The outer packaging was very cool, and thanks for the free shaker! I’m finding that the actual product packaging, the black ziplock bags, were an absolute nightmare.

When ripping off the top the resealable zip was open and full of powder, and there was powder jammed in the seam you rip off - sending poweder flying anywhere. I spend 10 mins trying to get the powder out of the seal, but this is seamingly a no go.

I’ve never had this issue with Huel before, has anyone else had this or is it a one off?

I’m sorry to hear this Kai. This should be just a one-off.

Swiping a credit card along the seal should get that powder out.


I got same experience.
And my ziplock cannot resealed.
Not only 1 pack, second pack also same!

A butter knife works also.

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Sorry for the powder explosions. Regarding the resealing, as Dan said, get a thin, stiff piece of plastic and run it along the inside of the seal, this will clear the powder that’s stuck in there.

A toothpick works great as well. That’s what I use when it happens.

My new ordered still have problem with resealing!
I tried as your suggestions but not work.

Does not reseal. I use to have Huel before. Didn’t need to find a trick to reseal…

Had the same problem. I ordered 12 bags of huel and the first one I opened completely ripped apart the seal, so I had to dump everything into a gallon ziploc bag. It happened to one of the other 11 as well.