I keep getting packages with seal that doesnt work

My last two orders contained faulty seals. The zipper like thing doesnt stay shut. It’s annoying. Please fix it.

Sometimes some huel gets stuck in the tracks and I have to scrape it out with a butter knife or the top of the bag that I ripped off. After that the my zippers work fine.

I clean mine out with an old toothbrush we use for cleaning, works like a charm to get the bags zipping again.

That’s disgusting. This post has to be at least 20 characters.

That is pretty gross hahahaha. A butterknife did the trick. Thanks for the suggestions! Didn’t realize it was due to huel getting stuck in there.


Not sure how I feel about the cleaning toothbrush being used but a toothpick works for me when that happens. But not a used one.

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lmao, I didn’t realize how gross that sounded till I was called out on it. my bad


I am about 30 bags of Huel in and I couldn’t agree more. The bags are horrible! I’d rather it come in a plastic tub like other drink powders do, a coffee can with a top; ANYTHING but the current bags! You can’t even recycle the current bags. I also agree that 3 out of 4 bags, the zippers won’t close. Seems a bit high maintenced to constantly be cleaning a zipper.

Just my 2 cents!

You could just buy a cheap container for your huel or reuse a plastic tub from another product.


Yeah, I have containers I use as well. Makes life much easier for me as the powder is much easier to access.

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It doesn’t fix the bag issue, but I wanted something easier to use than the bags, so I got this for my counter:

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I’m curious. With the bag, you can press all the air out and seal it, but with these containers you cannot. Do you see the Huel going stale or getting grainy by the time you get to the bottom?

I use the bags and I never press the air out. Sometimes they don’t even seal properly. My huel always has the same flavor and texture.