Switching to UU solved stomach issues

I had been using regular vanilla flavored for a few weeks and was having major stomach/gas issues. It was becoming a real problem. I scoured the forum and saw a couple mentions that switching to unflavored/unsweetened worked for them.

I’m happy to report that this solved the issue. I think the sucralose / sweetener was just not vibing with me at all. I add cinnamon to it and it tastes just like Life Cereal. I’m a fan!

If you are having persistent issues, try switching to UU and see if that works for you before you give up.


Interesting. I just started Huel 2 days ago. The UU version without any issues. Haven’t tried the vanilla yet. I have 1bag of UU and 5 bags of vanilla… I should probably switch to vanilla for my next meal to see if anything changes. Cinnamon sounds like a good idea.

How much cinnamon do you add?

Isn’t gluten what makes you bloated?